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Willow Oak  - Sold Out
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Price listed is for 10 seedlings.

WILLOW OAK (Quercus phellos)- Willow oak, sometimes called peach oak, pin oak or swamp chestnut oak, grows on a variety of moist alluvial soils. It is commonly found along watercourses. This medium to large tree with willow-like foliage is known for its rapid growth and long life. Its wood is valuable for pulp and lumber, and may be used for fuel or charcoal. This species is also widely planted as an ornamental. Because it produces an acorn crop almost every year, willow oak is a very important species for wildlife food production. It is a major food for game animals such as ducks, deer, squirrels and turkey. It also provides food for blue jays and woodpeckers, grackles, flickers and mice. Flying squirrels utilize the tree itself for shelter.