Sycamore - Piedmont - Sold Out

Sycamore - Piedmont - Sold Out
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AMERICAN SYCAMORE (Platanus occidentalis)- Sycamore, also called buttonwood or the American plane tree, is considered one of the largest hardwood trees in North America, especially in diameter. In North Carolina, it is most abundant and reaches its largest size along streams (below 2,500 feet elevation) and on rich bottomlands. On preferred sites where water is in good supply, the tree is fast growing, and may reach heights of 100 feet or more (occasionally 150 feet) and trunk diameters of 10 feet or more. Average height ranges from 80 to 110 feet and the average diameter from 3 to 8 feet. American sycamore is an easily recognized tree because of its multi-colored, mottled bark. The whitish outer bark covering the trunk and branches of the upper part of the tree falls off in irregular patches, resulting in a conspicuous pattern of white, brown, green and gray. Sycamore is an excellent choice for landscape planting because of its leavesí autumn colors. Trees of this species should not be planted within 50 feet of any building since they may develop root sprouts. Deer and muskrats feed on sycamore twigs. Older trees with cavities provide shelter for waterfowl and fur bearing animals.