Swamp Chestnut Oak - Sold Out

Swamp Chestnut Oak - Sold Out
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Swamp chestnut oak (Quercus michauxii) Swamp chestnut oak is also called cow oak and basket oak. It is found along the Atlantic Coastal Plain from New Jersey south To central Florida and eastern Texas and north in the Mississippi Valley to southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois, and southern Indiana. In North Carolina, it is found in the lower Piedmont and Coastal Plain.

This species, one Of the white oak group, is widely distributed on the best well-drained loamy, first bottom ridges. It is found on well-drained silty clay and loamy terraces and colluvial sites of large and small streams.

Swamp chestnut oak is of commercial value to the forest industry for the production of lumber, pulp for paper manufacturing, and cooperage.

The tree usually occurs in mixed stands along with other oaks and hardwood species that are of commercial value to forest industry.

The nuts are highly palatable and commonly eaten by animals. Good seed crops occur at intervals of 3-5 years with poor to fair production in between.