Southern Red Oak Piedmont

Southern Red Oak Piedmont
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SOUTHERN RED OAK (Quercus falcata var.falcata) -
Southern Red Oak is an excellent large, durable shade tree which reaches 60 to 80 feet in height with a large, rounded canopy when it is open-grown. The deciduous, shiny green leaves are five to nice inches long by four to five inches wide, with the terminal lobe much longer and narrower than the others. Leaves fall brown over an extended period of time in fall and winter. Some defoliation is noted during the summer in droughty years, but this is probably a drought-avoidance mechanism. No permanent damage appears to come from this. The dark brown to black bark is furrowed and resembles Cherry bark, to some extent. The half-inch-diameter acorns are popular with wildlife. The truck normally grows straight with major branches well-spaced and strongly attached to the tree.