Persimmon - Pollinator Friendly - Sold Out

Persimmon - Pollinator Friendly  - Sold Out
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Persimmon - Pollinator Friendly  - Sold Out

Price listed is for 100 seedlings.

COMMON PERSIMMON (Diospyros virginiana) - The common persimmon, also called simmon, possumwood and Florida persimmon, is found from lower New York westward to southeast Iowa and southward to the Texas Gulf coast. It grows throughout North Carolina. Persimmon is a slow growing tree of moderate size (25 to 50 feet tall with a diameter of about one-foot). The crown is generally broad and rounded. This species is dioecious; male and female flowers are produced on separate trees. The male tree, of course, never produces fruit. This hardwood tree produces a deep taproot. Common persimmon grows on a wide range of sites including dry, sterile, sandy woodlands, rocky ridges and moist rich river bottoms. It is rarely found in pure stands but it does grow among many kinds of conifers and hardwoods. Common persimmon wood is heavy, hard, strong, and very close grained. These characteristics make it highly desirable for turnery, plane stocks, shoe lasts, shuttles and golf club heads. It is sometimes planted for its edible fruit and is valued as an ornamental.