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Mockernut, Hickory  - Sold Out
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MOCKERNUT HICKORY (Carya tomentosa)- Hickories are an important segment of the hardwood forests of eastern United States, and are limited to those forests east of the Great Plains. Of the 15 species of hickories, eight are considered commercially important in the United States. The leaves of all hickories are deciduous; they are compound, alternate, and odd-pinnate (with a terminal leaflet). Each leaf will have 3-17 roughly oval, pointed, toothed leaflets that are aromatic when crushed. Staminate flowers are 3-branched, slender, drooping catkins. The fruit is an edible nut, and an important source of food for squirrels. They are often preferred over acorns. In heavy mast years, they provide food through most of the winter. Sometimes they are eaten by wood ducks and mallards. The trees have smooth gray bark that becomes very rough and scaly on older trees, often separating into long strips. Pecans, both wild and cultivated, are members of this genus.