Chestnut Oak - Sold Out

Chestnut Oak - Sold Out
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CHESTNUT OAK (Quercus montana) - Chestnut oak has also been called rock chestnut oak, rock oak, or tanbark oak. It is found most commonly in the Appalachian region on dry, infertile soils and rocky ridges, but makes its best growth on rich, well-drained soils along streams. In North Carolina it is found in the upper piedmont counties, and throughout the mountain region. The wood is cut and sold as white oak. It is used for posts, tools, baskets, cooperage, and boards, veneer and fuel. Trees of this species have been planted as an ornamental. Although good acorn crops are infrequent, the nuts are sweet and highly desirable food for many wildlife species, including deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and mice. Because of the acornís large size, only large birds, such as wild turkey usually eat it.