Cherrybark Oak

Cherrybark Oak
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Price listed is for 100 seedlings.

Cherrybark oak (Q.falcata var. pagodaefolia)
Cherrybark oak is also known as swamp red oak, swamp Spanish oak or bottomland oak. It is widely distributed on the best sites in first bottoms and on well-drained terraces and alluvial sites of the Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont. It is seldom found on wet or swampy soils.

The tree often reaches heights of 100 to 130 feet and 3 to 5 feet in diameter. Its fruit ripens the second year. The small rounded acorn it produces, about 1/2 inch long, is set in a thin saucer-shaped cup that tapers to a short stem.

Cherrybark oak probably is the best timber oak along the rivers of the Coastal Plain.