Virginia Pine Improved Low Density - Treated

Virginia Pine Improved Low Density - Treated
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Price listed is for 50 seedlings.

VIRGINIA PINE (Pinus virginiana) - Also referred to as spruce pine or scrub pine, this species is found throughout the middle and upper piedmont and hilly parts of South Carolina and Georgia, and north to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It occurs frequently in pure stands in old fields up to elevations of 2000 feet, and seeds in readily on severly eroded and dry soils. Virginia pine is a small to medium sized tree growing from 40 - 80 feet tall and from 8 to 14 inches in diameter. After the limbs die they persist for many years, giving a scrubby appearance to the tree. The branches often droop to form a rather open, ragged, flat-top crown. It is found on a wide variety of soils and has the ability to grow on the poorest of heavy dry soils where other species cannot survive. The species grows best on clay, loam, or sandy loam but poorly on shaley or very sandy soils. Those sites with sandy clay or silty clay are more favorable to Virginia pine. Virinia pine has been used for lumber, crossties, fencing, and charcoal manufacture. It is valued as a source of pulpwood due to its fiber length. Its seed is a source of food for songbirds and small mammals. Virginia Pine thickets provide cover and shelter from cold winter winds for several species of wildlife. Young trees can be sheared and used for Christmas trees.